Freelance Writing and Editing Services

We often think of writing as a solo act, but there’s something truly exciting about working as part of a team to help make a story the best it can be. Between my experience as a ghostwriter, a marketing copywriter, and as an MFA creative writing student at The New School, I can offer a range of services to help you tell your story.

My rates vary depending on the project type and timeline. For more specific information, please tell me more about your project’s needs.

I specialize in fun, sexy, page-turning contemporary romance. 

I’ve ghostwritten over twelve romance novels for various clients, who range from Kindle Unlimited indie authors to Relay Publishing. While I can’t tell you who I’ve written for, I can tell you everything I’ve ghostwritten currently has a 4.5 star rating or higher on Amazon. 

I can work from an existing outline, or I can work with you to develop a story concept you love—and then bring it to life so your readers can find your story.

Story and Concept Development
Writing flies when you have a great premise. I can help you nail that premise. 

I’ve created over 25 original story concepts and detailed novel outlines for a range of clients. Whether you’ve got a trope you want to try, a genre you want to explore, or an existing idea you want punched up, I can help you produce a tight, exciting outline that will be a pleasure to write. 

Developmental Editing
If you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you figure out why your story’s sagging in the middle—and how to fix it—I can help.

During my MFA program at The New School, I workshopped roughly 100 short stories and novel excerpts for 45 different writers, offering both developmental and line edits. Based on the goals of the writer, I identified a piece’s strengths and weaknesses and suggested a range of potential solutions to help the writer achieve their desired effect. Multiple classmates said they found my editing feedback clear and useful. Genres edited include: literary, southern gothic, speculative, science fiction, magical realism, fantasy, and women’s fiction.

Ever been thrown out of a book you love by a confusing typo? If so, you know why copywriting is so important. I can give your writing a final polish to make sure your reader can focus on the part that matters—your words, and the story they’re telling.

Copywriting is about three things: medium, message, and execution. Whether you’re drafting posts for a social media campaign, updating your website, or starting a blog to reach customers, I can help you share your message in a way that fits the medium, with execution that sings. 

Prior to the pandemic, I spent four years working in marketing for two of Oregon’s largest performing arts organizations, Oregon Ballet Theatre and Portland Center Stage at The Armory. I’ve also worked for the progressive D.C. public relations firm Fifth Estate Communications, and I volunteer for the feminist PAC Her Bold Move. In the corporate space, I’ve written over 100 blog posts as a freelance writer for Copycat Copywriters.