Other Creative Projects


People handled 2020 in a variety of ways. I started a digital romance publishing company with my best friend, Zoe Maffitt. Sonder & Spark is a digital romance publisher centering love stories about community, adventure, and a bit of rebellion. We believe reading romance can be a spark of light and breath when the world feels small and dreary.

We’re proud to have published Don’t Date the Movie Star, the first book in Eva Caper’s Hollywood Starlight series. While Sonder & Spark has temporarily taken a back seat to other projects, we hope to return to it at a later date.

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If you love romcoms, feminism, and friendship, you might want to give the Romcom Killjoys podcast a try. Bonus: I’m a guest on four episodes, where we discuss Chasing Liberty, A Cinderella Story, When Harry Met Sally, and In-Lawfully Yours. We have a blast talking romance, pop culture, story structure, and love. 

Romcom Killjoys – Chasing Liberty (2004)
Jonelle and Eliza sit down with romance novelist Kate Kerns to discuss Chasing Liberty (2004), including the underdiscussed Presidential daughter subgenre; surprisingly nuanced vacation love stories; and why this movie doesn’t deserve its 18% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Romcom Killjoys – A Cinderella Story (2004)
The Killjoys kick off season 2 with a month of modern fairy tales, beginning with the Hillary Duff classic, A Cinderella Story (2004). Joined by Kate Kerns from Sonder and Spark Publishing, they discuss American mythology, the politics of likability, and Chad Michael Murray’s stupid hair.

Romcom Killjoys – When Harry Met Sally (1989)
In their 10th episode, a panel of “experts” discuss the classic When Harry Met Sally (1989) and tackle the big questions including can men and women ever be just friends? Do romcoms need to be realistic? And does Billy Crystal have sex appeal? 

Romcom Killjoys – In-Lawfully Yours (2016)
Jonelle and guest Kate Kerns tackle the ever-popular Christian romance subgenre and one of its lesser-known examples, In-Lawfully Yours (2016). As they try to parse out what faith’s got to do with it, they cover C.S. Lewis, bad acoustic guitar soundtracks, and how much incest is too much incest.